Effects of Pulsed Electric Field and Pulsed Current on Transcriptional Activation of Retrotransposon of Porphyra yezoensis

K. Hirayama1, D. Wang2, T. Namihira3, H. Takano3, S. Takio4, and H. Akiyama1

1Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University, Japan
2Priority Organization for Innovation and Excellence, Kumamoto University, Japan
3Bioelectrics Research Center, Kumamoto University, Japan
4Center for Marine Environment Studies, Kumamoto University, Japan

Abstract— Retrotransposons are mobile genetic elements which transpose via an RNA intermediate. Some retrotransposons were shown to be transcriptionally activated by biotic and abiotic stress factors, such as UV light, ozone, pathogens, wounding, and drought. Our previous study showed that underwater pulsed streamer discharge can activate retrotransposon gene PyRE1G1 of Porphyra yezoensis. Pulsed streamer discharge in water is known to generate physical phenomena such as high electric fields, current, UV, ozone, other chemically activate species, and shock waves. It is an important issue to evaluate the degree of effectiveness for each factor. In this paper, effects of either pulsed high electric field or pulsed current were investigated. Experimental results showed both of them gave sufficient results for the transcriptional activation of PyRE1G1. Expression was induced 1 h after the pulse treatment.

KeywordsPorphyra yezoensis, red alga, retrotransposon gene, transcriptional activation, pulsed power, underwater pulsed discharge, pulsed electric field, pulsed current

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