Volume 4, Number 2, 2010

Special Issue on the Seventh International Symposium on Non-Thermal/Thermal Plasma Pollution Control Technology & Sustainable Energy, ISNTP-7

Guest Editor’s Remarks on the Special topics from ISNTPT-7 G. Harvel
Roles of Carrier Gases on Pentachlorophenol Degradataion in Soil by Pulsed Electrical Discharge Phenomena T. C. Wang, N. Lu, J. Li, and Y. Wu
Effects of Pulse Voltage Stimulation on Fruit Body Formation in Lentinula Edodes Cultivation K. Takaki, R. Yamaguchi, T. Kusaka, H. Kofujita, K. Takahashi, Y. Sakamoto, M. Narimatsu, and K. Nagane
Degradation of Perfluoro Compounds and F- Recovery in Water Using Discharge Plasmas Generated within Gas Bubbles K. Yasuoka, K. Sasaki, R. Hayashi, A. Kosugi, and N. Takeuchi
Plasma Control of Methane-Air Premix Combustion in a Swirl Burner T. Hammer, T. Kishimoto, and J. Verleger
Hydrogenated Liquids and Hydrogen Production by Non-thermal Plasmas K. Arabi, O. Aubry, A. Khacef, and J. -M. Cormier
Aerosol Formation and Decomposition of Benzene Derivatives by AC/DC Streamer Corona Discharger X. Zhang, W. Chen, J. Zhu, W. Feng, and K. Yan
Plasma-catalytic Decomposition of TCE K. A. Vandenbroucke, R. Morent, N. De Geyter, M. T. Nguyen Dinh, J.-M. Giraudon, J.-F. Lamonier, and C. Leysier

Regular contributions

Electrohydrodynamic Flow Patterns in a Narrow Electrostatic Precipitator with Longitudinal Wire Electrode for Various Electrode Geometries A. Niewulis, J. Podliński, and J. Mizeraczyk
Microplasma Generation in Gap of Sliding Contact through Discharging of Ambient Gas due to Triboelectrification K. Nakayama
Corona Current-Voltage Characteristics in Wire-Duct Electrostatic Precipitators "Theory versus Experiment" H. Ziedan, J. Tlustý, A. Mizuno, A. Sayed, and A. Ahmed
Production of Hydrogen from Sugar by a Liquid Phase Electrical Discharge S. Mededovic Thagard, E. R. Fisher, G. Prieto, K. Takashima, and A. Mizuno

Activity Reports

2010 CAGE Student Conference K. Adamiak
Activity report of SFE annual conference P. Notingher


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