Volume 3, Number 2, 2009

Review paper

Thermal Plasma Solid Waste and Water Treatments: A Critical Review J. S. Chang

Regular contributions

Effect of Radiation Emitted from Hot Plasmas on Animals (Rat) G. M. El-Aragi, N. M. El-Abiad, and E. A. Marzook
Study on the Antifungal Effect of Atmospheric-Pressure Microplasma Excited by High-Repetition-Rate Inductive Energy Storage K S. K. Zaaba, K. Hirayama-Katayama, T. Akitsu, N. Shimizu, and Y. Imanishi
Assessment of Induced Voltage on an Object underneath Stressed Overhead Conductors (Theory versus Experiment) M. Abdel-Salam, A. Hashem, and A. Ahmed
Plasma-Adsorption-Catalysis for the Toluene Destruction Process G. Prieto, O. Prieto, C. R. Gay, K. Yoshida, T. Kuroki, M. Okubo, and T. Yamamoto

Selected papers from ISEHD 2009

Guest Editor’s Remarks A. R. H. Rigit, J. S. Shrimpton and D. B. L. Bong
Flow Electrification in Highly Turbulent Flows --Application to Liquefied Gas Manipulations-- G. Touchard
A New Theory of Geomagnetism Involving Electrostatic and Electrokinetic Phenomena A. Toureille and G. Touchard
Electrocoalescence of Two Water Drops in Oil: Experiment and Modeling J. Raisin, J.-L. Reboud, and P. Atten
The Effect of Frequency and Duty Cycle on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for Convective Condensation under Pulsed Electric Field H. Sadek, C. Y. Ching, and J. S. Cotton
Electrohydrodynamic Gas Flow Regime Map in a Wire-Plate Type Electrostatic Precipitator J. S. Chang and K. Urashima
EHD Flow in DBD Precipitator N. Zouzou, B. Dramane, P. Braud, E. Moreau, G. Touchard
Non-Equilibrium Modeling of AC Electroosmosis in Microfluidic Channels --Parametrical Studies-- M. Přibyl, P. Červenka, J. Hrdlička, and D. Šnita
Non-Moving Component Pumping of Narrow Gas Flow Channels by an Electrohydrodynamic Gas Pumps H. Tsubone, J. S. Chang, G. D. Harvel, and K. Urashima

Announcement of conferences

International Symposium on Non-Thermal/Thermal Plasma Pollution Control Technology & Sustainable Energy (ISNTP-7), June, 2010, Atlantic Coast, Canada


Instruction for submission

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