Volume 3, Number 1, 2009

Review paper

Recent Progress and Applications of Non-Thermal Plasma A. Mizuno
Degradation of organic contaminants in water by plasma M. Sato

Regular contributions

Plasma Suppression of Diesel Soot Deposition During Diesel Engine Operations J. S. Chang, C. Luthereau, E. dela Cruz, P. I. Khalaf, D. Brocilo, G. D. Harvel, D. Ewing, N. A. Debacher, F. McCluskey, J. S. Cotton, and M. Bardeleben
Development of Repetitive Pulsed Plasmas in Gas Bubbles for Water Treatment K. Yasuoka and K. Sato
Influence of Pellet Shape of Ferro-Electric Packed-Bed Plasma Reactor on Ozone Generation and NO Removal K. Takaki, S. Takahashi, S. Mukaigawa, T. Fujiwara, K. Sugawara, and T. Sugawara
Effects of the Dynamics of Cathode Spot on Trichel Pulses R. H. Amirov, A. A. Petrov and I. S. Samoylov
Influence of O2 on the CF4 Decomposition by Atmospheric Microwave Plasma H. D. Xie, B. Sun, X. M. Zhu, and Y. J. Liu
NOx Chemical Reduction in a Cylindrical DBD Reactor: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis F. M. Mariana, M. C. Antonio, V. A. Raúl, L. C. Régulo, B. D. Samuel, P. E. Rosendo, M. C. Arturo, and J. S. Bethsabet
Multi-Pollutant Gas Removal Characteristics of Corona Discharge Methane and Ammonia Radical Shower-Catalyst Hybrid System for Simulated Micro Gas Turbine Combustion Gases K. Urashima and J. -S. Chang
Urea in Water-in-Oil Emulsions for Ammonia Production G. Prieto, Y. Iitsuka, H. Yamauchi, A. Mizuno, O. Prieto, and C. R. Gay

Selected Paper from Journal of the Institute of Electrostatics Japan

Simultaneous removal of gaseous acetaldehyde and fine particles using corona discharge with wet electrostatic flocking electrod B. -J. Sung, T. Naito, A. Aly, S. -H. Lee, K. Takashima, S. Katsura, and A. Mizuno

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