Volume 1, Number 2, 2007

Review papers

Recent Developments in Plasma De-NOx and PM (Particulate Matter) Removal Technologies from Diesel Exhaust Gases Y. Yoshioka
Optical Diagnosis of Pulsed Streamer Discharge under Atmospheric Pressure R. Ono and T. Oda

Regular contributions

UV and Optical Emissions Generated by the Pulsed Arc Electrohydraulic Discharge J. S. Chang, S. Ono H. Ukai, Y. C. Huang, W. Y. Chang, P. Shou, M. Sato, S. Teii, C. Liu and K. Ting
Ozone Oxidation of Photographic Processing Wastewater in a Batch Reactor Wu Chun-du, Chu Jin-yu, Li Ning, Yi Cheng-wu
Decomposition of Dilute VOCs in Air by a Streamer Discharge Jing Li, Tian-le Zhu, Xing Fan, Wei He
Cell Destruction by Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Real-time Monitoring of Bio-particles M. Hashimoto, M. Rahman. M. Tanino, M. Nakano, H. Yasuda, K. Takashima and A. Mizuno
Onset Voltage of Corona in Conductor-to-Plane Gaps as Influenced by Underneath Grounded and Negatively-Stressed Metallic Grids (Theory versus Experiment) M. Abdel-Salam, A. Hashem, A. Turky and A. Abdel Aziz
Decomposition of HFC134a Using Arc Plasma M. Ohno, Y. Ozawa, Taizo Ono

Activity report

2007 Canadian Association of High Voltage and Electrostatics- CAGE Students Conference (CCSC 2007)

Announcement of conferences

The 6th International Symposium on Non-Thermal Plasma Technology for Pollution Control and Sustainable Energy Development (ISNTPT-6), May 12-16, 2008, Wanli, Taipei County, Taiwan
6th Conference of the French Electrostatics Society, July 7-9, 2008, Gif-sur Yvette, Ile de France, France
The 6th International Conference on Applied Electrostatics November 7-10, 2008, Shanghai, China
2009 International Symposium on Electrohydrodynamics "Advances and Innovations in electrohydrodynamics", March 25-27, 2009, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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