Volume 11, Number 1, 2017

Special Issue on the 3rd ISNPEDADM 2015 (New electrical technologies for environment)

Guest Editor's Remarks on the Special Issue G. Touchard
Elongated-DBD Actuators Inducing Curved Wall Jets for Circulation Control Around Turbine Airfoils A. Leroy, J. Podlinski, S. Baleriola, P. Devinant, and S. Aubrun
Development of Hole-Type Electrostatic Precipitator Y. Ehara, M. Ohashi, A. Zukeran, K. Kawakami, T. Inui, and Y. Aoki
pH Dependence on Decomposition of Persistent Organic Compounds in Water Using a DC Corona Discharger T. Miichi
NOx Removal From Diesel Engine Exhaust Using Low Voltage DC Powered High Voltage Power Supply S. Mohapatro and A. Bhattacharya
An Insight Into Space Charge Measurements P. Notingher, S. Hole, L. Berquez, and G. Teyssedre
Ionic Wind Devices Prepared by a 3D Printer S. Kanazawa, W. Imagawa, S. Matsunari, S. Akamine, R. Ichiki, and K. Kanazawa
Discharge Plasma Supported Mariculture and Lignite Waste to Control NOx Emission from Biodiesel Exhaust?A Feasibility Study A. G. Sarah, M. Shekhar Kumar, and B. S. Rajanikanth

Special Issue on the 4th Joint Symposium on Plasma and Electrostatic Technologies for Environmental Applications

Guest Editor's Remarks on the Special Issue Y.-H. Song and H.-H. Kim
Review: Bioaerosol Collection P. Chen, Y. Du, Y. Z. Xu, Z. Liu, and K. Yan
Improvement of Conversion Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Surface Modification Using Microplasma N. Konagaya, M. Blajan, T. Onodera, A. Konno, and K. Shimizu
Effects of Water Pressure on Plasma Sparker’s Acoustic Characteristics L. Zhang, X. Zhu, Y. Huang, Z. Liu, and K. Yan
Numerical Analysis of Ionic Wind Induced EHD Turbulence Flow Inside ESP Z. Y. Ning, J. W. Chen, and K. Yan

Regular contributions

Review about Ammonia Generation in Nonthermal Plasma Reactors G. Prieto, K. Takashima, A. Mizuno, C. Gay, and O. Prieto
Influence of Pulsed Electric Field to Leaf Lettuce Evaluated on Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurement Using Pulsed-Amplitude-Modulated Fluorometer T. Sonoda, Y. Higashi, Y. Yamada, D. Wang, T. Namihira, and H. Akiyama
Basic Study of Fine Particle Transfer Using Electrostatic Force Generated by a Microplasma Actuator Type Electrode K. Shimizu, A. Ito, M. Blajan, J. Kristof, and H. Yoneda
Decomposition of Toluene Adsorbed on Hydrophobic Zeolite by Nonthermal Plasma Flow with Water Spray T. Kuroki, M. Tanaka, and M. Okubo
Behavior of Pulsed Streamer Discharge in a Wire-Plate Electrode with Varied Gap Distances K. Nakamura, D. Wang, and T. Namihira
Relation Between Gas Velocity Profile and Apparent Migration Velocity in Electrostatic Precipitators A. Bäck
Water Treatment by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Tube with Vapor Flow T. Shibata and H. Nishiyama


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