Volume 10, Number 2, 2016

Regular contributions

Diesel Nanoparticles Removal by Charged Spray A. Krupa, A. Jaworek, M. Szudyga, T. Czech, A. T. Sobczyk, A. Marchewicz, T. Antes, W. Balachandran, R. Beleca, F. Di Natale, and L. D'Addio
Numerical Analysis of Electrohydrodynamics Force Generation Process on Tri-Electrode Plasma Actuator Utilizing Sliding Discharge M. Tamura, H. Nishida, T. Koizumi, and K. Nakai
Preliminary Study of a Non-thermal Plasma for the Degradation of the Paracetamol Residue in Water Y. Baloul, H. Rabat, D. Hong, S. Chuon, and O. Aubry
Mixing Improvement by Manipulation of Multiple Jets Using Active Plasma Actuator N. Benard, A. Mizuno, and E. Moreau
New Approach for Sensors and Connecting Objects Involving Microelectronic Multidisciplinarity for a Wide Spectrum of Applications O. Bonnaud
Surface Erosion Studies on Polymer Insulators Used for High Voltage Transmission B. S. Reddy, A. R. Verma, and D. S. Prasad
Flow Electrification of an Electrically Charged Liquid P. D. S. Clermont, T. Paillat, Y. Duval, J. Rivenc, and G. Peres
Ring of Electric Charge in the System with Back Corona Discharge R. Kacprzyk and T. Czapka
Electrostatic Precipitator Using Induction Charging A. Katatani, H. Hosono, H. Murata, H. Yahata, and A. Mizuno
The Power of Feedback: From Dielectric to Ferroelectric Systems H. Kliem and A. Leschhorn
Enhancement of the Conductivity in Nanosized Carbon Ball by Introducing Chlorinated Benzene Derivatives via Room Temperature Solution Plasma Process O. L. Li, H. Hayashi, K. Urashima, and N. Saito
Non-thermal Plasma Assisted Destruction of Persistent Organic Contaminants in Water - A New Approach Using a Planar Falling Film Reactor A. Mahyar, H. Miessner, S. Mueller, D. Kalass, T. Piechotta, and D. Moeller
Electrostatic Precipitator: Technological Development and Applications to Thermal Incineration Processes in CEA M. Marchand, F. Lemont, T. Reess, A. Silvestre de Ferron, and S. Souakri
Flow Electrification During Melting of Frozen Dielectric Liquids A. Mizuno, G. Touchard, and T. Paillat
Flow Electrification Behavior: A New Parameter Involved O. Moreau, J. M. Cabaleiro, T. Paillat, G. Artana, and G. Touchard
Flue Gas Treatment by ESP: Realization and Optimization of an Emissive Electrode S. Souakri, T. Reess, A. Silvestre De Ferron, F. Lemont, and M. Marchand
Humidification Effect on Inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus in an Electrostatic Precipitator A. Zukeran, T. Miura, T. Oku, R. Mano, H. Miyashita, R. Wada, J. Sawai, and Y. Ehara


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