Volume 10, Number 1, 2016

Regular contributions

Experimental Study of EHD Flows in Symmetric Electrode System in Wide Range of Low-voltage Conductivities I. Ashikhmin, Y. K. Stishkov, and Y. Donskov
Features of Current Passage Processes in Liquid Dielectrics at the Injection and Dissociation Mechanisms of Charge Formation V. A. Chirkov, Y. K. Stishkov, and A. A. Sitnikov
Sterilization Characteristics of Ozone-mist Spray for Chemical Free Agriculture K. Ebihara, F. Mitsugi, T. Ikegami, Y. Yamashita, Y. Hashimoto, T. Yamashita, S. Kanazawa, H. D. Stryczewska, J. Pawlat, S. Teii, and T.-L. Sung
Role of Continuous Discharge Current for Secondary Streamer in Water H. Fujita, S. Kanazawa, K. Ohtani, A. Komiya, T. Kaneko, and T. Sato
Reaction Mechanism of De-NOx by Activated Ammonia Generated by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Y. Hayakawa, Y. Inoue, A. Takeyama, and S. Kambara
Comparison of OH Radical Concentration Generated by Underwater Discharge Using Two Methods H. Hayashi, S. Akamine, R. Ichiki, and S. Kanazawa
Thin Films by EHDA - A Review A. Jaworek, A. T. Sobczyk, A. Krupa,A. Marchewicz, A. K. Krella, and T. Czech
Electrostatic Precipitator without using Corona Discharge -State of Collected Particles on Pole-plates- A. Katatani, H. Hosono, H. Murata, H. Yahata, and A. Mizuno
Visualization of the Two-dimensional Distribution of ROS Supplied to a Water-containing Target by a Non-thermal Plasma Jet T. Kawasaki, K. Kawano, H. Mizoguchi, Y. Yano, K. Yamashita, and M. Sakai
A System for Liquid Cooling of Electronic Elements with EHD Pumping Mechanism M. Tański, M. Kocik, M. Oleksy, J. Kraśniewski, A. Hapka, and W. Janke
Synthesis of Fe-Cu Bi-functional Catalysts by Solution Plasma Process for Li-air Battery Application O. L. Li, R. Takahashi, K. Urashima, and N. Saito
Evolution of Electrohydrodynamic Flow of Suspended Particles in a Needle-to-Plate Negative DC Corona Discharge in Air J. Mizeraczyk, A. Berendt, J. Podliński, and A. Niewulis
Numerical Modeling of EHD-Induced Liquid Extraction in a Cylindrical Electrode Configuration S. Nangle-Smith, H. Sadek, C. Y. Ching, and J. S. Cotton
Numerical Study of Plasma Dynamics and Electrohydrodynamic Effect in DBD Plasma Actuator H. Nishida, T. Nonomura, and T. Abe
Charge Transfer During Melting of Dodecane T. Paillat, A. Mizuno, and G. Touchard
Gas Flow Formation by Plasma Discharge on Water Surface T. Shimizu, M. Hara, N. Kishimoto, D. Yoshino, G. E. Morfill, and T. Sato


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