Volume 9, Number 2, 2015

Review paper

Recent Progress of Dry Electrostatic Precipitation for PM2.5 Emission Control from Coal-fired Boilers Y. Huang, S. Li, Q. Zheng, X. Shen, S. Wang, P. Han, Z. Liu, and K. Yan

Regular contributions

On the Development of Upward Streamers from a Tree-shaped Multi-needle Arrangement during Progress of a Downward Leader M. Abdel-Salam, H. Ziedan, and S. Kamal El-deen
3D-Printed Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Reactors S. Kanazawa, K. Eto, W. Imagawa, S. Akamine, and R. Ichiki
Electrical Re-entrainment of Particles in Wire-Duct Electrostatic Precipitators M. Abdel-Salam, M. Th. El-Mohandes, H. Wedaa,S. Kamal El-deen, and N. Zouzou
Justifications of a New Theory of Geomagnetism A. Toureille
Experimental Study of Dielectric-Barrier-Discharge Reactor for Plasma-Assisted-Combustion A. Eid, K. Takashima, and A. Mizuno


Instruction for submission

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