Volume 9, Number 1, 2015

Special Issue on the 2014 International Symposium on Electrohydrodynamics (ISEHD 2014)

Guest Editor's Remarks K. Urashima and S. Kanazawa
Mass Transfer Enhancement of Reactive Species by Gas- and Liquid-Phase Flow Induced by Corona Discharge Generated above Water N. Takeuchi and K. Takubo
Experimental Study on a Weakly-Ionized Rarefied Arc-Jet Flowing Supersonically along a Mirror and Cusp Magnetic Field K. Tajima, A. Nezu, H. Matsuura, and H. Akatsuka
Experimental Study of Kinematic Structure of Ionic Wind in Needle-Torus Electrode System in Air I. Ashikhmin, Y. K. Stishkov, and V. Yakovlev
Influence of Gas Density and Segregation on the Dielectric Strength of Gas Mixtures Th. Hammer
Computer Simulation of Ionic Wind in the Point-Torus Electrodes System A. Samusenko, Yu. Stishkov, and P. Zhidkova
Experimental Studies of Novel Constructions of Discharge Electrode in ESP for the Reduction of Fine Particles and Mercury Emission A. Świerczok and M. Jędrusik

Regular contributions

Corona Discharge and Electromagnetic Environment Degradation of Aging Transmission Lines Y. Jiang, N. Zheng, G. Guo, R. Zhang, and X. Fu
Coking Characteristics of Dry Methane Reforming by DBD-catalyst Hybrid Reaction with Cyclic Operation S. Kameshima, K. Tamura, Y. Ishibashi, and T. Nozaki
Improved Performance of Film Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Using Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma K. Shimizu, S. Kaneta, M. Blajan, T. Onodera, and A. Konno
Performance of Positive Corona in Tree-Shaped Multi-Needle-to-Plane Configurations M. Abdel-Salam, H. Ziedan, and S. Kamal El-deen
Decomposition of Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) by Multiple Alternating Argon Plasmas in Bubbles with Gas Circulation H. Obo, N. Takeuchi, and K. Yasuoka


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