Volume 7, Number 2, 2013

Special Issue on the Joint Symposium on Plasma and Electrostatic Technologies for Environmental Applications

Guest Editor's Remarks H. -H. Kim and Y. -H. Song
Clean Combustion using Rotating Arc Y. -H. Song, K. T. Kim, J. O. Lee, D. H. Lee, and N. K. Hwang
Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric-pressure Non-equilibrium Plasmas: Status and Prospect W. S. Kang, M. Hur, Y. -H. Song, and S. H. Hong
Microbubble Formation in Underwater Pulsed Streamer Discharge H. H. Kim, Y. Teramoto, T. Hirakawa, N. Negishi, and A. Ogata
Interactive Aspects of Plasma-catalyst Hybrid Reaction D. H. Lee, S. Jo, and Y. -H. Song

Regular contributions

Characteristics of Negative Corona Discharge in Single-Needle- and Multi-Needle-to-Plane Configuration M. Abdel-Salam, A. Hashem, and E. Sidique
Water Treatment and Power Co-Generation using Hydrothermal, Supercritical Water Produced by Pulsed Electric Discharges W. L. Morgan and L. A. Rosocha
Honeycomb Discharge Generated with a Single High Voltage Power Supply for Activating Catalyst K. Takashima, T. Suzuki, Y. Nomura, Y. Hinata, H. Hayashi, H. Kurita, and A. Mizuno
Performance of Helical and Straight-wire Corona Electrodes for NOx Abatement under AC/Pulse Energizations Anusuya Bhattacharyya and B. S. Rajanikanth
Ion-plasma Cleaning Module for Vacuum Thin-film Deposition Systems as Alternative to Acid-alkaline Cleaners E. F. Shevchenko and M. Yu. Shevchenko

Activity Report

1st Korea-Japan Working Group Meeting for Plasma Applications (KJWGPA) Y. -H. Song


Instruction for submission

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