Volume 6, Number 3, 2012

Review paper

Environmental Applications of Electrical Discharge Plasma with liquid water -- A Mini Review -- B. R. Locke

Regular contributions

Charging and Removal Efficiency of an ESP in a 250 kW Biomass Boiler J. S. Pettersson, M. Strand, and L. Lin
Collection Performance of an Electrostatic Precipitator using Bipolar Corona Discharge A. Katatani, H. Hosono, H. Murata, and A. Mizuno
A Laboratory Investigation of Pulsed Discharged Based Techniques for Engine Exhaust Treatment - Effect of Exhaust Nature and Operating Conditions A. D. Srinivasan, R. Rajagopala, N. Jagadisha, and A. Bhargavi
Electrode Material Effect on Submerged Arc Breakdown of Methylene Blue in Aqueous Solutions N. Parkansky, A. Vegerhof, E. Faktorovich-Simon, B. Alterkop, O. Berkh, and R. L. Boxman
Effect of Oxygen Percentage on the Removal of Acetaldehyde by Dielectric Barrier Discharges O. Koeta, N. Blin-Simiand, S. Pasquiers, F. Jorand, and A. Bary
The Study on the Particle Separation and Disinfection using Plasma Air Flotation System S. Ryu, E. Hong, J. Park, S. Yoo, and T. Lho
Spectroscopic Investigations of Plasma Generated by Waveguide-supplied Nozzleless Microwave Source J. Mizeraczyk, B. Hrycak, M. Jasiński, and M. Dors
HC-supported NO-oxidation in Marine Diesel Exhaust Gases for Subsequent Catalytic Treatment M. Schmidt, R. Basner, and R. Brandenburg
Decomposition of Methylene Blue in Water Using Mist Flow Plasma Reactor T. Shibata and H. Nishiyama
Influence of Duty Ratio on Collection Efficiency in a Rectangular AC Energized Electrostatic Precipitator A. Zukeran, H. Kawakami, K. Yasumoto, Y. Ehara, and T. Yamamoto
Catalytic Oxidative Coupling of Methane with a Dark Current in an Electric Field at Low External Temperatures K. Oshima, K. Tanaka, T. Yabe, Y. Tanaka, and Y. Sekine
Effects of Pulsed Electric Field and Pulsed Current on Transcriptional Activation of Retrotransposon of Porphyra yezoensis K. Hirayama, D. Wang, T. Namihira, H. Takano, S. Takio and H. Akiyama


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