Volume 6, Number 2, 2012

In Memory of Prof. Jen Shih Chang

Special Issue on the Eighth International Symposium on Non-Thermal Plasma Technology (ISNTP-8)

Guest Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue Emmanuel Odic

 Review paper

From Pulsed Power to Processing: Plasma Initiated Chemical Process Intensification E.J.M. van Heesch, K. Yan, A.J.M. Pemen, G.J.J. Winands, F.J.C.M. Beckers, W.F.L.M. Hoeben

 Selected papers

Hydrogen Production via Biomethane Reforming in DBD Reactor M. Dors, T. Izdebski, A. Berendt, and J. Mizeraczyk
Multi-dimensional simulation of a polluted gas flow stressed by a DC positive multi-pins corona discharge reactor M. Meziane, O. Eichwald, J.P. Sarrette, O. Ducasse and M. Yousfi
Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Particle Migration and Electrohydrodynamics of Double Cylinder Electrostatic Precipitator H. Kawakami, A. Zukeran, K. Yasumoto, T. Inui, Y. Enami, Y. Ehara, T. Yamamoto
Ethanol/Acetone Mixtures Conversion in Air Dielectric Barrier Discharges S. Lovascio, N. Blin-Simiand, F. Jorand, P. Jeanney, and S. Pasquiers
Investigation on Reactor Configuration of Non Thermal Plasma Catalytic Hybrid Method for NOx Removal of Diesel Engine Exhaust N. Osawa, T. Suetomi, Y. Hafuka, K. Tsuha, Y. Yoshioka, and R. Hanaoka
Experimental Study of Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed Discharges in Water Vapor F. P. Sainct, D. A. Lacoste, M. J. Kirkpatrick, E. Odic, and C.O. Laux
Comparative Study of Air-Propane and Air-Heptane Mixtures Ignition by Nanosecond Pulsed Discharges P. Tardiveau, S. Bentaleb, P. Jeanney, F. Jorand, and S. Pasquiers
Coupling Non-thermal Plasma with Photocatalysis for Odorous Pollutants Removal A. Maciuca, C. Batiot-Dupeyrat, and J. -M. Tatibouët
Radio Frequency Ignition System for Gasoline Direct Injection Engines G. Bachmaier, R. Baumgartner, D. Evers, R. Freitag, Th. Hammer, G. Lins
Role of Nitrogen Metastable States in Non-Thermal Plasma Conversion of Volatile Organic Compounds S. Pasquiers, W. Faider, N. Blin-Simiand, L. Magne, P. Jeanney, F. Jorand
Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Spark Discharge in River Water T. Izdebski, M. Dors, Y. Mok, and J. Mizeraczyk

Regular papers

Collection of Diesel Exhaust Particles using Electrostatic Charging prior to DPF and Regeneration of DPF using Sliding Discharge H. Hayashi, D. Sakiyama, K. Takashima, and A. Mizuno
Measurement of OH Radicals in Aqueous Solution Produced by Atmospheric-pressure LF Plasma Jet S. Kanazawa, T. Furuki, T. Nakaji, S. Akamine, and R. Ichiki
Investigation of Narrow Transverse and Longitudinal Electrostatic Precipitators A. Niewulis, J. Podliński, A. Berendt, and J. Mizeraczyk
Online NOx Removal from Stationary Diesel Engine Exhaust by Barrier Discharge Plasma S. Mohapatro, B. S. Rajanikanth
Concrete recycling by pulsed power discharge inside concrete S. Inoue, S.Iizasa, D. Wang, T.Namihira, M.Shigeishi, M.Ohtsu, H.Akiyama
The Relation of E. coli Growth Phase and Low-Temperature He Plasma Jet Exposure T. Nakajima, H. Kurita, H. Yasuda, K. Takashima, and A. Mizuno


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