Volume 5, Number 2, 2011

Special Issue on the 12th International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation

CFD Modelling of the Electrical Phenomena and the Particle Precipitation Process of Wet ESP in Coaxial Wire-tube Configuration S. Kaiser and H. Fahlenkamp
Influence of Gas Composition, Temperature and Pressure on Corona Discharge Characteristics A. Bologa, H.-R. Paur, H. Seifert, and K. Woletz
Aspects on High Frequency Power Supplies for ESPs P. Ranstad and J. Linner
Influence of Gas Distribution, Field Velocity and Power Supply Technique for Small Scale Industrial ESP’s D. Steiner, W. Höflinger, and M. Lisberger
Recent Technology of Moving Electrode Electrostatic Precipitator H. Ando, N. Shiromaru, and Y. Mochizuki
Experiences of Systems to Reduce SO3 from Flue Gas of Combusting High Sulfur Content Residual Materials in Oil Refinery C. Nagata, K. Miyake, H. Nagasawa, and T. Noguchi
Operation of an Electrostatic Precipitator at a 30 MWth Oxyfuel Plant A. Bäck, J. Grubbström, H. Ecke, M. Strand, and J. Pettersson
An ESP using Bipolar-discharge with DC High Voltage for Road Tunnels A. Katatani and A. Mizuno
Novel EHD-Assisted ESP for Collection of Low Resistive Diesel Particulates T. Yamamoto, T. Mimura, T. Sakurai, Y. Ehara, A. Zukeran, and H. Kawakami
Performance of High Velocity Electrostatic Precipitator for Road Tunnel Y. Ehara, R. Nakano, T. Yamamoto, A. Zukeran, T. Inui, and H. Kawakami
Biomass Co-firing --New Challenge for Electrostatic Precipitators-- A. Jaworek, M. Jędrusik, A. Świerczok, T. Czech, A. T. Sobczyk, and M. Lackowski
Development and Study of an Electrostatic Precipitator for Small Scale Wood Combustion A. Bologa, H. -R. Paur, and K. Woletz
Diesel PM Collection for Marine Emissions Using Double Cylinder Type Electrostatic Precipitator H. Kawakami, A. Zukeran, K. Yasumoto, T. Inui, Y. Ehara, and T. Yamamoto
Diesel Exhaust Particle Reduction using Electrostatic Precipitator H. Kawakami, A. Zukeran, K. Yasumoto, M. Kuboshima, Y. Ehara, and T. Yamamoto
Dust Resistivity Measurement and Onset of Back Corona in Electrostatic Precipitators M. Majid, H. Wiggers, and P. Walzel
Collection Efficiency of a DBD Electrostatic Precipitator under Different High Voltage Waveforms R. Gouri, N. Zouzou, A.Tilmatine E. Moreau, and L. Dascalescu
Electrostatic Precipitator Operation at Corona Quenching Conditions --Theory, Simulation and Experiments C. Luebbert and U. Riebel

Regular contributions

Emission Spectroscopy of Pulsed Powered Microplasma M. Blajan, S. Muramatsu, and K. Shimizu
NOx Removal Characteristics of Corona Radical Shower with Ammonia and Methylamine Radical Injections K. Urashima, Y. Uchida, M. Ara, N. Takeuchi, and J. S. Chang


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